This summer, young people enrolled on our Express Yourself programme produced a series of fantastic carnival inspired interactive stories. City Arts’ Express Yourself programme offers its participants a safe, creative environment in which to learn new skills and build their confidence.

Desert - a story by Josiah

In the workshops, led by Nicole Solarte-Tobón, the group used open-source software Twine to create their stories. Twine allows you to link together different bits pieces of content and create interactive narratives similar to the text-based adventure games developed in the early days of home computing.

Genesis - a story by Theone

Using the City Arts & Can Samba ‘Flying Free’ troupe for Nottingham Carnival as their inspiration, each of the young participants devised a story and designed and drew its protagonist. The stories are linked throughout this page.

Robot - a story by Trinity

Lydia Tysoe and Sarah Keeton, costume and prop design students from Nottingham Trent University, joined the group for the last day of workshops. They worked with the young people to make fantastic models of their stories’ main characters.

Carnival Queen - a story by Lucy

Those models had a starring role in our 2017 carnival troupe, attached to our Parthenon inspired¬†float. After you’ve enjoyed the group’s stories, check out our carnival photo album and see if you can spot them!