Imagination Our Nation was a national project developed by Kinetika. Starting in 2008, it was a creative response to the excitement of the Olympics and all the opportunities it offered to young people and communities alike.

Between 2008 and 2012 different events and collaborations happened both locally and nationally – starting with the creation of the amazing Nottingham Goddess, a three-metre tall carnival costume that carries a real live performer atop! The highlight for this lady was the Olympic Handover Ceremony in Coventry, in hosted by Imagineer and young people from London, Nottingham, Stockton and Coventry. She also appeared at Nottingham Carnival, Wollaton Park Children’s Festival and Nottingham Castle.

Subsequent years saw the creation of Starchild and then our beautiful Eternal, who have visited hundreds of people across Nottingham, as well as starring in the finale of the project at Chatham, Kent.