The Big Walk was an extraordinary journey taken by the Starchild and her big brother Atom. These unique, larger than life puppets were developed as part of a national project, Imagination Our Nation (more info about that below).

The Atom puppetThe Big Walk in 2010 saw Atom and Starchild travel the length and breadth of Nottingham, walking from one side of the city to the other. From summer picnics in the Meadows Community Gardens, Market Stalls in Hyson Green, housing estates in Aspley to the Old Market Square and the Nottingham Beach, Starchild and Atom met and entertained hundreds of people.

Each puppet takes ten people to operate it, so an intrepid team of volunteers, young people, artists and City Arts staff travelled with them in order to bring them to life. A daily visit to a children’s centre topped off their travels.