This year we celebrate 40 years of creating art with the people of Nottingham, including many who  have limited opportunity to enjoy the artistic resources the rest of us take for granted.

We’ve produced celebrated work with older people in care homes, pioneered projects to enhance young people’s well-being, created a new Community Arts Garden in the heart of Hockley, showcased the talent of mental health survivors, made stunning contributions to Light Night and Nottingham Carnival, and engaged communities in the former Notts Coalfields. City Arts can and will continue to grow and expand participation in the Arts for all, regardless of health, ability, or economic status.

City Arts receives around 33% of its running costs from the public purse.  That means that each year we have to raise a significant amount from other grants, earned income, fees or donations. For the past 40 years, we have made it (sometimes only just!), but as you know, it doesn’t get easier, which is where you can help.

We need you to help us contiue this vital work and make our next forty years as brilliant, ambitious and inspiring as the last! Please dig deep and donate as much as you can afford so we can continue making life changing art!

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Thank you for your support!