Family Friendly

Ages & Ages Tales – “Storytelling Safari to the African Plains”

Date of event: 19 Jul 2020 Event start time: 3:00pm - Event end time: 4:15pm

Location: Online

Andy Copps - Storytelling Safari to the African Plains

International storyteller Andy Copps takes us on safari with stories from his native Africa. Meet the ‘Queen of the Mbira’, watch out for the ‘The First Story’ and there could even be a sighting of ‘The Crocodile & the Monkey’s Heart’ …

So climb aboard the Ages & Ages safari truck and off we go!

Throughout the ages humans have relished tales of adventure, mystery, monsters, myth, and mayhem! This event is a unique chance to share stories across the generations.

Join us every Sunday for home-spun stories, the odd song or two, and tales from professional storytellers.

All ages welcome.

The price is per computer – no matter how many adults and children crowd round it.