Family Friendly

Ages & Ages Tales: TEATIME TREATS!

Date of event: 28 Nov 2020 Event start time: 6:30pm - Event end time: 8:00pm

Location: Online

Paul Jackson - Akanidi Daughter of the Sun

Every member of your family is invited to bid farewell to November with the fantastic Paul Jackson.

Paul is a sculptor, illustrator, musician and storyteller supreme and he is inviting us all into his magical world on a dark Saturday night teatime treat.

Ages and ages tales

Bring your pud! Bring your granny! (Online of course, unless she’s been hiding in your wardrobe throughout lockdown looking for Mr Tumnus…) Tell a friend to logon too!

Zoom in for some Saturday night fun and join your hosts Catherine, Steve, and Sally (who will be entertaining us with another brilliant song … because there’s no end to her talent or her repertoire) and get ready for a wonderful time – almost like the old days!

Paul Jackson
Akandi - Daughter of the Sun  Two fantastic Teatime Treats from Paul Jackson
Akanidi, a sunbeam, comes down to the earth with her the gift of happiness for everyone. Little does she know how hard that will be…  The Old Woman and the Pumpkin
A woman in Bangladesh loved eating food but hated cooking. Can her talented daughter help her?