City Arts Hosts • Poetry

DIY Poets – August Showcase

Date of event: 8 Aug 2024 Event start time: 7:15pm - Event end time: 9:45pm

Online + Venue Address: City Arts, 11-13 Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1FH

Promotional poster for the DIY Poets Quarterly Showcase featuring Jade Moore. The poster shows a smiling person with short hair and glasses standing in front of shelves filled with colorful books. They are wearing a shirt with text partially visible under a jacket. The DIY Poets logo is in the top left corner, and the event title 'DIY Poets Quarterly Showcase Featuring Jade Moore' is displayed in large white letters.

City Arts are pleased to host DIY Poets, who bring their eclectic style to an online/offline hybrid event from our building in Hockley, Nottingham.

The featured act is Jade Moore. There will be poetry from 10 DIY Poets.

There will also be an open mic with sign up at the event. You can take part as a Zoom performer or at the venue. Anyone can sign up whether you’re new to it all or a dedicated fan.

We look forward to welcoming you, whether in person or via live zoom link.

How it works

Admission online and to the venue will be from 7.15pm. Performance to begin at 7.30pm. There will be an interlude part way through where you can sign up for a 3 minute open mic slot and purchase books from performers.

Click ‘Book Now’ to get your ticket. If you book an online ticket you will be sent a Zoom link to join with. There will be limited walk up seats available on the day.

This event is free, with ‘Pay-what-you-can’ tickets. DIY Poets suggest a donation of £5. A pot will be passed around the venue. Ticket buyers and zoom attendees will be invited to contribute when signing up. This allows the group to continue to host events in the future.

About DIY Poets

We’re nice and we don’t always rhyme.

DIY Poets host quarterly showcases for members, produce a quarterly zine which is distributed freely around Nottingham City Centre, and hold monthly zoom meetings.

About Jade Moore

Jade Moore (she/her) is the quiet one in the corner, daydreaming about which one of her several hobbies she wants to spend time on next. Usually found in a library, befriending local cats, or writing poetry that weaves introversion with performance, presenting social awkwardness in a positive way, while celebrating a love for words. Jade’s poetry let’s people into her inner thoughts, most of which turn out to be rather silly. She is a member of the Paper Crane Poets, and has been performing poetry on and off since 2017. Find her on Instagram @bookishjade.