Family Friendly

The Search for Teddy Island

Date of event: 13 Apr 2024 Event start time: 11:30am - Event end time: 12:00pm

Venue Address: Children's Library, Nottingham Central Library, 1 Carrington Street, Nottingham, NG1 7FH

The Search for Teddy Island - A City Arts Production

This show tells the story of a teddy bear’s hunt for a home, the mythical Teddy Island. Their journey takes them over land and sea. Along the way they meet strange creatures and have lots of adventures.

A person engaged in creative play displays a colorful, roughly drawn map to a teddy bear, complete with maritime and animal illustrations, all set in a workshop with a brick wall backdrop.

The show is aimed at children aged 6 months to 4 years. Older siblings/children are welcome to attend.

Part of the Nottingham Puppet Festival.

How it works

Click ‘Book Now’ to get your tickets. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Please book a ticket for each adult and child attending. Bring your ticket with you on your phone or as a print out.

Please arrive 10mins before the show begins.

About Nottingham Puppet Festival

Celebrating the artistry of puppets and puppetry along with the communities that inspire their stories, the third Nottingham Puppet Festival will bring puppetry of every kind to all corners of the city.

Nottingham Puppet Festival is produced through a partnership between the Theatre Royal & Royal Concert Hall and City Arts.