Cross-cultural Nestbuilding from ‘A Bird in the Hand Theatre’

Date of event: 16 Apr 2024 Event start time: 6:00pm - Event end time: 7:30pm

Venue Address: City Arts, 11-13 Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1FH

In a well-lit art studio, a woman in a white hijab and apron stands on a ladder overseeing a group of focused artists shaping a substantial clay piece on a table.

In 2023 UK based puppet artist Alison Duddle was invited to collaborate with Paia, an art agency in Sulaymaniyah in the Kurdish part of Iraq.

Alison has been working with Nabil Musa, designer and maker Jonny Quick, and music director and Yazidi musician Fahad Harbo to create a piece of puppet theatre with a group of young adults from Mosul, Iraq.

The project culminates in 2024 with a tour to all regions of Iraq – including Basra, Baghdad, Kirkuk, Mosul and Erbil.

In this discussion Alison will be joined by members of the team in Iraq (via zoom). They will talk about the process of making their show, Nest, and share images and footage of the work.

Suitable for ages 12+. Part of the Nottingham Puppet Festival.

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