RESIDENCE: An Exclusive Preview

Date of event: 6 Jun 2024 Event start time: 6:30pm - Event end time: 8:00pm

Venue Address: City Arts, 11-13 Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1FH

Promotional graphic for an event titled 'RESIDENCE: AN EXCLUSIVE PREVIEW'. It features three portrait photos of the speakers against a blue background. From left to right: a woman with curly hair and a floral shirt, a person with dark hair in a ponytail wearing a t-shirt that reads 'BLACK FEMINISTS TAUGHT ME', and a woman with straight hair in a blazer. Event details below the portraits state '6:30PM, 6 JUNE 2024 at CITY ARTS, 11-13 HOCKLEY NOTTINGHAM NG1 1FH'.

Meet and hear from artists Laura Decorum, Sage M Stephanou and Gemma Poyzer at this special preview event. At our pop-up exhibition, you’ll get an exclusive first look at the work-in-progress they’ve created during their residencies with City Arts. In a discussion chaired by Creative Producer Aoife O’Connor, the artists will offer a fascinating insight into their creative processes and what the residency has meant to them and their work.

City Arts has been working with the artists through our flagship artist development project RESIDENCE. By awarding bursaries, RESIDENCE supports Nottingham artists who have faced barriers in their career because of attitudes to their class, ethnicity or disability. The project was designed with a panel of Community Curators, a group of local people with a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. The successful artists were also chosen by this group.

Laura Decorum and Sage M Stephanou’s work is being shared as part of Transform 2024. Led by New Art Exchange, the Transform city takeover brings together 14 cultural organisations to celebrate and amplify the leadership, creativity, and stewardship of the Global Ethnic Majority in Nottingham.

RESIDENCE is supported by the Foyle Foundation.

About the artists

Laura Decorum

Laura is a Nottingham-based contemporary surrealist painter. Her work often explores themes of identity and human experience. It focuses on the subconscious mind and the power of the imagination.

Gemma Poyzer

Gemma is a passionate portrait and commercial photographer. People are at the heart of her work. Gemma studied photography at Nottingham College, and has been working as a freelancer ever since.

Sage M Stephanou

Sage is a multi-disciplinary artist, a community worker and an abolitionist educator & facilitator. As a working class, queer and trans, disabled person of the global majority, they are interested in exploring the embodied impact of colonial legacies on peoples from colonised diasporas.