Family Friendly

Hoopla! on the Forest Rec

Date of event: 30 Jul 2024 Event start time: 10:00am - Event end time: 2:30pm

Venue Address: Behind Homemade, Forest Recreation Ground, Mansfield Road, Nottingham, NG5 2BU

Promotional poster for 'Hoopla! Forest Rec', a free mini-festival for ages 0-4, scheduled for 30 July 2024 from 10AM to 2:30PM. The poster features three circular photos of young children: on the left, a smiling child in a striped shirt; in the center, a boy playing on the grass with a large red ball; and on the right, a child smiling and holding a finger to their mouth. The text includes logos of City Arts, SSBC, Community Fund, Arts Council England, and Paul Hamlyn Foundation

Returning for a third year, Hoopla! is a fun, free, outdoor mini-festival for ages 0-4. Enjoy puppetry, music, play, movement and exploration.

A wonderful event. There was so much joy in my daughter’s face. Great to enjoy as a family.

Hoopla! 2023 Audience Member

Small Steps Big Changes will have stalls at the event. They’ll answer questions and share information about local support services.

Supported by Small Steps Big Changes.


‘The Delights’ from Makers of Imaginary Worlds and Turned On Its Head

Two smiling women lying down surrounded by various textured and colored fabric tubes, resembling large plant stems or vines. Both are wearing jackets, one in red and the other in orange. They are looking at each other affectionately, with a background of green foliage and fallen leaves.
Bud and Buddy Delight. Photo by Liz Clark.

Bud and Buddy Delight wake from sleepy hibernation to discover an enticing world has appeared around them. These playful characters invite children to join them in dance. The performers create a magical outdoor playground full of wonder, joy and delight.

‘Tell Me a Story’ from HandMade Theatre

Two puppeteers performing outdoors in a grassy area with trees in the background. The female puppeteer on the left, wearing a floral dress, is operating a puppet of a child with dark hair and a gray outfit. The male puppeteer on the right, wearing a dark sweater, is manipulating a puppet resembling a dog. Both puppets are positioned on a wooden box.
HandMade Theatre

A unique and captivating puppet show created especially for young children. Meet Hannah, a little girl set for a big adventure with new friends. Interact with beautiful puppets and enjoy original songs.

Music and Play

Mother plays chime instruments with child

Engaging instruments and toys are available across the festival site. Compose a tune on City Arts’ portable chimes!

How it works

Please book a ticket for each adult and each child that will attend. Children must be accompanied by an adult. Older siblings and friends are welcome.

Hoopla! is completely free. Stay as long as you like. The morning performances are repeated in the afternoon in case you miss an act. There is no food and drink available at the event, so please bring your own.