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Puppet Walkabouts

Stunning street puppets to wow audiences at festivals and events. Available for hire.

Magpie Puppets at Ashbourne Festival

City Arts’ giant puppet birds were designed by community members, including school children and care home residents, who worked collaboratively with artists and puppet makers.

Colourful, fun and eye-catching, the puppets will add an extra element of joy to your event, festival or parade. They look great up close and swoop above crowds to pique the interest of passers-by.

Technical Details

Each puppet bird has a wing span of approx. four metres and are around three and a half metres high. They are propelled by a battery powered motor and work on any flat surface (including grass – as long as it is not boggy). We provide crew to assemble and operate the puppets. As a minimum, two crew members are needed for each bird.

Site suitability

The birds are street puppets. They need a clear pathway to travel along, or clear area to move around. They are not suitable for pavements as the wing span is too great.

In order for them to travel safely on a road it must be closed or pedestrianised.

If you hire the birds, we would like to visit and walk the route in advance. This allows us to check for obstacles including bollards, street furniture, low hanging branches and high kerbs.


Please select the birds you want for your event. We will calculate an estimated price for you. Please note that this may rise dependent on our travel costs.

Parrot puppet at the Nottingham Puppet Festival

The Parrot

Created with older people in care, our parrot’s feathers are made from hand painted silk. Care residents’ stories decorate the wings. 

Magpie Puppets at Ashbourne Festival

The Magpies

The Magpies, Burt and Joyce, were also created with care home residents. Nippy and mischievous, these puppets zoom around. They always come in a pair, for guaranteed joy.

The Phoenix at Cantrell School

The Phoenix

Ruby the phoenix was built to celebrate forty years of City Arts. Her hand painted feathers were made by people who have taken part in wide variety of City Arts projects, including Cantrell Primary School pupils.

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How to book

Select the puppets you want above and complete the form below. We will check the availability of the birds and our crew, and get back to you with a quote as soon as possible.