About Us

Safer Spaces Policy

We want City Arts events to be open, welcoming and safe places to be. Everyone should feel able to take part in and enjoy our activities.

City Arts' Young Producers group at Nottinghamshire Pride 2019

If something or someone at one of our events is making you uncomfortable, please report it to us.

Zero Tolerance of Harassment

We do not tolerate harassment of our attendees, staff or volunteers. Anyone found doing it will be asked to leave. Harassment includes, but is not limited to:

  • Making offensive comments about people
  • Discriminating against people based on their gender, sexual orientation, disability, physical appearance, race or religion
  • Threatening, stalking, following or hassling people
  • Touching people without their permission

What we expect of you

  • Think about the language you use. Many common expressions use sexist, homophobic, even racist, terms.
  • Do not make assumptions about anyone’s gender, sexual orientation, abilities, ethnicity or life experiences.
  • Some people ask to be spoken to and about using specific personal pronouns. Pronouns are words like she, her, he, him, they and them. Please respect this.
  • If someone is being hateful or offensive, please tell a member of staff.
  • If someone challenges you about your behaviour do not become defensive. Listen, think and learn.
  • Respect other people’s boundaries. Ask before touching someone or talking about their personal life.
  • If a discussion becomes personal, respect people’s privacy and keep what is said inside the room. Be kind when responding.

What you can expect from us

There will be a member of City Arts staff available to hear your concerns and take action to make sure you are safe. We will talk to you to determine an appropriate response. This might involve:

  • warning the offender
  • asking them to leave
  • contacting the police
  • putting you in touch with local support services
  • arranging safe transport to your home

Reporting an issue

If you are at an event, please speak directly to a member of City Arts staff. They will be wearing a red ID badge. If the event is at the City Arts building, they will generally be behind the reception desk or bar.

If you would like to report something after an event please email safety@city-arts.org.uk.