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Hands making tie-dye textiles

Everyone is an artist.

We break down barriers to reconnect people with art, culture and creativity. Every kind of barrier: economic, geographical, societal, emotional. Because creativity is a human right. 

Since 1977, we’ve collaborated with communities and artists to create and explore art of all kinds. We make sure our work is inclusive and relevant by listening to what communities need. 

We stand up for people who are underrepresented in the arts. We see talent where it has been overlooked and undervalued. Our work is often disruptive and always empowering. 

We give you the chance to be creative, to change art and culture in your city and beyond. Anywhere can be your studio, your gallery, your stage. At City Arts, we believe you are an artist. Nothing should stand in your way. 

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City Arts is a registered charity in England (No. 1106088) and an Arts Council England National Portfolio Organisation.