Afrovibes Festival at Lakeside Arts Centre

Date published: 21 Aug 2014

Posted by: Joe Pick

Afrovibes Festival

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From the 26th to the 31st of October, Lakeside Arts Centre will host the Afrovibes Festival.

In 2014, the Festival marks 20 years of the new South Africa: 20 years since the ending of apartheid and the beginnings of democracy. Award-winning artists will bring music, theatre, dance, photography and film to Lakeside, reflecting upon what it is to be part of 21st century South Africa.

Lakeside’s Pavilion Cafe will be transformed into a Township Cafe which will host events and exhibitions, and offer a specially crafted menu developed from original South African recipes. It will act as a meeting point for UK artists and audiences giving them the opportunity to directly engage with the visiting South African performers, through post show talks, workshops, debates, late night music and jamming sessions.

City Arts and the Renewal Trust have teamed up to create the Township Cafe. We will be working with communities from St Anns and Sneinton to redesign Lakeside’s café, giving it a South African theme.

Drop by when the festival’s on and you’ll believe that you really are thousands of miles from home!

Click to view Lakeside’s programme for the festival