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Date published: 23 Mar 2020

Posted by: Joe Pick

Illustration of Goose Fair

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Sadly, the COVID-19 outbreak means the shutters are down on our current window exhibition. And anyway, there’s no one out on the streets to look at it. Here it is in digital form…

Inspired by Alan Sillitoe’s Saturday Night and Sunday Morning, local people have been writing and sharing stories. The stories were written as part of our Words of Wisdom project for people aged 55+. Different groups worked with writer James Walker and poet Andrew Graves in workshops across Nottingham.

The stories were recorded, illustrated by local artist Paul Warren and animated by Joe Pick.


‘A Delicately Laced Finger Print’ by Fiona Linday

"stone gargoyles narrate battles" A Delicatly Laced Fingerprint by Fiona Linday

‘Men and Women’ by Janet Howson

"treat 'em mean keep 'em keen" Men and Women by Janet Howson

‘Sideshow’ by Gail Webb

"the fight of your life" Sideshow by Gail Webb

‘Coat and Horses’ by Janice Owen

"lay on a roadside dead" Coat and Horses by Janice Owen

‘Greyhound Stadium’ by Pat Thomas

"dominoes, darts and crib" Greyhound Stadium by Pat Thomas

‘The Platelayers Arms, 1974’ by Chris Connell

"the banter and the rudeness" The Platelayers Arms, 1974 by Chris Connell

‘Yates’ Wine Lodge, 1980s’ by Lynn Brown

"it was cheap and it tasted it" Yates' Wine Lodge, 1980s by Lynn Brown

‘Bitu(wo)men, Halifx, 1980s’ by Miriam Gifford

"hands are swollen like inflated balloons" Bitu(wo)men, Halifx, 1980s by Miriam Gifford

‘The Mirror’ by Naveed Chaudhery

"she loved everyone, never complained" The Mirror by Naveed Chaudhery

‘School’ by Paul Warren

"100 years old but quite spritely" School by Paul Warren

‘White 51’ by Ray Knight

"The rusty latch triggered the wailing screams" White 51 by Ray Knight

‘Unwritten Rules’ by Brenda

"fighting in Market Square" Unwritten Rules by Brenda

‘The House’ by Florence Kelly

"helping mum on wash day" The House by Florence Kelly

About the artist

This exhibition features the artwork of Paul Warren. The artist draws on an iPad and produces numerous drawings on a weekly, often daily, basis. Ask him why and he replies that the reason he draws “all the time” is complicated. Put simply, it’s because he enjoys the creative process and can’t stop drawing but there’s rather more to it than that.

Paul says:

The iPad is my sketch pad… generally speaking, my drawings are of people going about their day to day activities. I’m seeking to draw a moment that was there a moment ago and now it’s gone; I’m a “momentist.”

The majority of my drawings are based on remembered observation, to which I apply a fair amount of artistic licence to transfer what I see in my mind’s eye to the iPad screen. I’m looking to create an unfinished completeness, a glimpse, as opposed to a finished picture or pictorial composition.


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