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The Concert Club meet Ric Parmigiani from the Halle Orchestra

Date published: 19 Dec 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

Man plays percussion instrument

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Our Concert Club met for a second time last week, and the group were joined by professional percussionist and Halle Orchestra member Ric Parmigiani. Ric had loads to tell us about the highs and lows of life in a touring orchestra and even shared a few tricks of the trade: Ever wondered how musicians communicate with each other when the music is too loud to talk over and both hands are playing an instrument?  Look out for them shuffling their feet!

The photos in this gallery show Ric introducing the group to Samba, the ultimate percussion experience.  We were split up into four smaller groups, each with their own instrument (Surdos, tams, bells and shakers), and taught a separate rhythm based on the nursery rhyme Ba-Ba Black Sheep. For a lot of the people in the room it was their first drumming experience; any worry about joining in quickly disappeared when we turned into impromptu Samba Band, practically ready for the streets of Rio!

Very well presented and accommodated all levels
Concert Club participant

Once again musician Laila Risdon supported the session, bringing it to an end with a lesson in how to sing one of the Christmas songs the Halle played at their Christmas Concert, attended by the Concert Club on the 18th December. Ric was be part of the orchestra that evening, and everyone was looking forward to seeing him in action after such an interesting and enjoyable evening.

The Concert Club giving a group of people with little or no knowledge of classical music, including people disadvantaged by mental health difficulties and low incomes, the opportunity to learn about and experience the majesty and excitement of this enduring music.

Update 15;40pm, 19/12/13:

Had some great feedback from the group about the concert:

I took real notice of the percussion section since the workshop with Riccardo
Concert Club participant

It was a first time experience for me and I will definitely go again
Concert Club participant

Great to see a full orchestra live, not something I’ve experienced much!
Concert Club participant

More! More!
Concert Club participant