Heart – a creative exploration of scientific research

Dates of event: 29 Sep 2022 - 2 Nov 2022 Mon - Thur, Daily Opening Time: 10:00am - Daily Closing Time: 5:00pm

Venue Address: The Window Gallery, City Arts, 11-13 Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1FH


Heart showcases the work of a community textiles project led by artist Anna Wickramasinha. The project connected local people to the work of the Biodiscovery Institute at the University of Nottingham.

It features a stunning lab coat assembled from 111 individual textile artworks, skilfully stitched together by Reeta Brack at One BC. Each panel of this coat was created by a Nottingham community member, under Anna’s expert guidance.

A multi-coloured lab coat made up from multiples textile patches, each decorarted with a design. It is reflected in a mirror.

Workshops held at City Arts and hubb in Sneinton taught techniques ranging from embroidery to embossing. Community members were joined by researchers from the Biodiscovery Institute and learnt about their ground-breaking work.

Look closely and you will see the influence of the researchers’ work: patterns drawn from microscopic images of cells and motifs inspired by cutting edge biotechnology.

Textile dyed to look like heart cell

The lab coat, and this exhibition, tell the story of a creative journey through scientific discovery.

About the contributors

Anna Wickramasinha

Anna Wickramasinha is a textile designer and teacher with over twenty years experience working with a wide variety of groups, organisations and schools. Her projects have included a community kimono for Nottingham Castle, and embroidered panels for the Hampton Court Palace costume collection.


Established in 1998 with experience of over 40 years, One BC stands for ‘Bespoke Clothing’, a label with attitude, combining creativity with quality and longevity. The company offer alternatives for all occasions, genders and ages with a ‘Frock n Roll’ ethos, all handmade on the premises.

The Biodiscovery Institute

Based at University of Nottingham, the Institute works to prevent and cure disease. It is a world-leading hub of interdisciplinary research excellence that is shaping the future of health and biotechnology.

City Arts

City Arts breaks down barriers to reconnect people with art, culture and creativity. Twelve participants met weekly at City Arts to create textile artworks for the project.

Hubb Nottingham

Hubb Nottingham, previously the Muslim Community Organisation Nottingham, was formed in 2002. The community centre acts as a focal point for local and city wide communities and community organisations.

Lakeside Arts

Lakeside Arts aims to enrich lives through creativity and culture – engaging diverse audiences with
inspirational creative experiences whilst championing and nurturing talented artists and creative professionals. Lakeside leads the Creative In Faculty Programme which connects artists and academics to explore research culture, public engagement and knowledge exchange.


Ignite! is a Nottingham-based education charity developing the creativity and curiosity of communities, working across the arts and sciences.