Young Producers • Exhibition

The Many Faces of Mental Health

Dates of event: 25 Nov 2022 - 22 Dec 2022 Mon - Thu, Daily Opening Time: 10:00am - Daily Closing Time: 5:00pm

Venue Address: The Window Gallery, City Arts, 11-13 Hockley, Nottingham, NG1 1FH

Exhibition: The Many Faces of Mental Health 25 NOV 2022 - 22 DEC 2022 THE WINDOW GALLERY CITY ARTS, NG1 1FH

‘The Many Faces of Mental Health’ is the theme for this year’s annual Young Producers Takeover of City Arts. The programme for the takeover explores what we mean when we talk about mental health.

We have universal experiences: happy moments, sad moments and everything in between. These are the experiences which make up our mental health. This exhibition is about sharing those experiences.

It is curated, and contributed to, by City Arts’ Young Producers group. Supported by City Arts, Young Producers is a group for 18-30 year olds looking to be a part of Nottingham’s thriving creative scene.
By presenting this work, the collective want to show that it is okay to have a range of emotions. They want people to understand it is okay to accept yourself as you are, in any given moment. Whilst the artwork featured shares powerful messages visually and through the written word, they’d like people to know that no matter how you communicate, it is important to share.


‘The Many Faces of Mental Health’ is curated by Young Producers Pedro Provina, Amelia Daiz and Jenna Jones. It features artwork by members of the group: Pedro Provina, Mary Strickson, Nidaa Raoof, Cawley Irving and Lucy Wakefield.

A collage of an old television set. In the centre, a woman with a pink jumper stands in front of an old yellow car. She has a black box covering her eyes. Surrounding the white TV with black outlining are splatters of yellow and green.
A painted portrait of a figure on a black background. The figure is painted with thick white and grey brushstrokes as well as some yellow highlights. The mouth is wide open, exposing teeth and tongue. The eyes are distorted beyond recognition.

Alongside artwork by the Young Producers, we are showcasing work previously presented in four online exhibitions, a collaboration with the Institute of Mental Health. The artists featured are:

Edwina Kung, Tochukwu Obiakonwa, Juliette Quédec Ryan, Lidia Huerta, Mary  Chudny, Sage, Olivia  Boileau, Alice Garbett, Meraki By Hamer, Bella Brooks, Shara  Francisco, Caroline Davies, Sabrina Choi, Josh  Huxham, Chloe  Challen, Sofia Tudela Fernandes, Sonal  Jadhay, Rama Emad Tawfeeq Alfarkh, Dylan Bates, Justin Nederkoorn, Ismail Odetola, Jared  Boechler, Branon Annet, Oleksandra  Melnychuk, Isha Joy, Alessandra  Centorbi, Carola Cappellari, Lyubov  Stegnienko, John Pickering, Rita Palma, Victoria  Romanchuk, Max  Hodlevskyi, Christopher Garraway, Ninaad  Kothawade, Kaja  Purwin, Sophia, Aya Sabry Ahmed & Charlotte Grace Moore.

Four of these artists are also sharing new work. They are Edwina Kung, Tochukwu Obiakonwa, Juliette Quédec Ryan and Lidia Huerta.

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