Mending Broken Hearts – A Poem by Gail Webb

Date published: 8 Dec 2022

Posted by: Joe Pick

Mending Broken Hearts

Poet Gail Webb was a participant in the ‘heart’ project, a collaboration between City Arts and the Biodiscovery Institute at the University of Nottingham. She wrote this poem in response to the project.

The ‘heart’ project was a creative exchange let by City Arts. It used textiles to engage communities with the scientific research of the Biodiscovery Institute.

Based at the University of Nottingham, the Institute works to prevent and cure disease. The project offers local people an insight into this important work. It is a chance to learn about the impact research will have on wellbeing; to add scientific context to their own stories of recovery and loss; to ponder the possible futures that the Biodiscovery Institute‘s work will bring about.

Workshops led by experienced textile artist Anna Wickramasinha were a chance for the project participants to learn new creative skills and to meet researchers from the Institute.