Mischief Makers

Date published: 23 Jan 2009

Posted by: Joe Pick

Girl moulds mask to a face

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The Mischief Makers was a performance project working with young people to made mischief at Nottingham’s major festivals and outdoor events including Light Night and Nottingham Carnival.

A number of our regular artists worked with the young people, with a focus on street theatre and performance. Mask Maker Stephen Jon worked with them to create unique Commedia Dell’Arte style masks, which were then used in interventionist performance at Light Night. Puppeteer Ruth Dawes taught the young people to operate the StarChild puppet, and they became a core part of the operating team. The group were then part of a team of artists, young people and volunteers who attended a national residency in Chatham, Kent, as part of the national Imagination Our Nation programme. Here, everyone worked together to build the next puppet, the beautiful eternal.

The young participants learnt new skills, met new people, went to other festivals and worked towards an accreditation through the nationally acclaimed Arts Award scheme.

Highlights included being part of a national residency for young people in Chatham where they worked to create and animate giant illuminated puppets, helping stage manage and choreograph a Light Night Winter Carnival, and working with a mask maker to make mayhem at Wollaton Park.