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Music, Puppets and Older People in Care

Date published: 26 Jun 2014

Posted by: Joe Pick

Older person and puppet

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“I’ve yet to be in a care home that generated so much positive noise!”
Kate Duncan, City Arts

These photos, by Anthony Hopwood, show the Imagine project’s trip to The Firs Complex at Abbeyfields on National Care Home Day. On Friday 20th June residents celebrated in style with a feast of carnival and cakes.

We brought along artist Jess Kemp to run a morning of silk painting with residents from the care home. In the afternoon musician Emma Williams joined the party for a performance on the City Arts chimes. Lance Hume accompanied her on sitar.

Later kids from the local Seely School and care home residents got the chance to play the chimes themselves. City Arts’ Alison Denholm taught the young people operate our Starchild puppet, who mingled with the residents.

The afternoon brought a little bit of carnival magic into the care home.

One of the residents has tremendous pain in her back and most days is very unsettled. To see her participating in the afternoon activities, speaking and laughing with other people was fantastic. When I asked her later what she thought of the entertainment she said ,“ I have had a great afternoon and hope there will be more of the same”
Norma Smith, Care Home Manager at Abbeyfields