A new website for project exploring clay therapy

Date published: 17 Dec 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

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We are thrilled to be working, for a second time, on the Clay Transformations project based at the University of Nottingham.  The project is an innovative research programme that will be investigating the therapeutic effects of working with clay.

City Arts was involved in the first incarnation of the project; a one-year programme focusing on research to support young people who access Nottingham’s mental health services.

The Arts & Humanities Research Council has now funded a three year project to investigate the ways in which working creatively with clay can enhance a person’s mental health and well-being. It will engage a wide range of people including those with mental health needs, carers, educators and those working in health and social care

The aim is to promote ‘mutual recovery’ amongst these groups.

City Arts have designed and built a new website for the project. Visit the website and register your interest.

Built on WordPress, we hope it will act as a place for people to get involved in, and receive regular information about, the project. It will also act as a platform for artists, researchers, health professionals and other interested parties to share information about their own practice and experience of working with clay.

Once you have become a member you can post a biography, images and information about your work to your profile on the Research Network page.  You can post events, articles and case studies to the shared blog.

We have also set up Facebook page and Twitter hashtag (#ClayMH) for regular updates.