Photographer Siobhan Jackson captures Nottingham art charities

Date published: 12 Mar 2020

Posted by: Joe Pick

City Arts by Siobhan Jackson

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We were delighted to stumble across this fantastic series of images on Instagram.

They were conceived, captured and composed by Siobhan Jackson. Siobhan is a Photography student at Nottingham Trent University.

City Arts by Siobhan Jackson
City Arts

In the series, Siobhan wants to depict the “possibility of a community coming together in a large sense”. It is inspired by a question asked in the book ‘Photographing People and Communities’ by Dawoud Bey. The photographer and educator asks, “what does it mean to come together in a larger sense; is it even possible?”. Siobhan’s photos attempt to answer this question by making it possible.

Surface Gallery by Siobhan Jackson
Surface Gallery

Each work features the building of an art charity which helps to support the creative community in Nottingham. They are Nottingham Arts Theatre, City Arts, Surface Gallery and Nottingham Contemporary.

Nottingham Contemporary by Siobhan Jackson
Nottingham Contemporary

These buildings hold significance because they are representative of Nottingham’s large creative scene. The photos show how all members of Nottingham’s community are a part of, and can support, this scene.

Nottingham Arts Theatre by Siobhan Jackson
Nottingham Arts Theatre

Check out Siobhan Jackson’s work on Instagram, Facebook or their website.