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Rara Lakay School Workshops

Date published: 25 Mar 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

School children play Hatian wind instruments

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Night of Festivals 2012 organisers ArtReach commissioned City Arts to host international carnival musicians Rara Lakay. Rara is an instrument based carnival procession, originating from Haiti.

The residency ran from the 11th to the 23rd of June. During this period City Arts staff coordinated and supported the delivery of a community engagement programme which included 6 workshops with 3 local schools, held at New Art Exchange, and 6 workshops with local musicians and cultural groups, held around the city.  This image gallery features photos of some of the work in schools.

City Arts managed the group during their residency, organising appearances at five events. These included an exhibition opening at New Art Exchange, the launch of Refugee Week at Nottingham Contemporary and the Night of Festivals 2012 carnival procession on the 22nd of June.