Residence: Bursary for artists/creatives from Black, South Asian, East Asian or mixed ethnic backgrounds

Date published: 22 Feb 2022

Posted by: Alison Denholm


City Arts is offering a bursary of £1200 for an artist/creative from a Black, South Asian, East Asian or mixed ethnic background, to take time to develop their work and share the outcomes with us.

There is an additional £200 for any art materials you may need. You will receive support from the City Arts team. If you need space to work on your project, you can access the City Arts building. As part of the bursary, you will team up with a mentor or creative collaborator. They will support you and help your idea grow. We can find this person together.

We are living through extraordinary and unusual times. The Future/Fresh bursary exists to encourage artists to:

  • look forwards
  • think creatively about how we can reconnect with each other
  • continue to support themselves
  • continue to support their communities

This opportunity has been developed with the Future/Fresh Steering Group – a group of creatives with diverse backgrounds. They will be involved in choosing the successful proposal.

Who can apply

The bursary is for people from Black, South Asian, East Asian or mixed ethnic backgrounds.

You must be over 18 to apply, but there is no upper age limit. You must live in Nottingham or Nottinghamshire.

We welcome proposals from artists who have not had formal training. We call this coming from a ‘non-traditional pathway’. It means you are self-taught, have not been to university or art college, or do not consider yourself part of the mainstream arts establishment, but you are still creative and making art. However, you are not excluded from submitting a proposal if you have taken a traditional path into the arts.

The opportunity is open to artists working in any art form. It could be painting, drawing, music, film, photography, poetry, literature, performance, or something else.

If you are unsure whether this opportunity is right for you, please get in touch. We can talk it over. We are happy to give feedback on any proposals that are not successful, so it can help for the next time

Time Commitment

You will have two-months to develop and finish your project. Please keep your proposal manageable within the budget offered.


If you are interested in submitting a proposal, but have access needs which might make it difficult to undertake the work in the way we have described it, please still make an application. If at the end of the process we offer you the bursary, we will work with you to find practical solutions to any barriers you might encounter. Your access needs will not be a factor in the decision to make you an offer.

Critical Dates

Proposal deadline: 6pm, 28th March 2022
6th or 7th April 2022
Bursary awarded:
11th April 2022
Expected completion date:
Late June 2022

How to apply

Use the downloadable form below to submit your proposal. Email it, along with some examples of your artwork, to recruitment@city-arts.org.uk.

If you would prefer to make your proposal as a video, please send it to us via Whatsapp. Make sure to respond to same questions as in the form.