Sea themed carnival troupe for Nottingham Caribbean Carnival

Date published: 12 Sep 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

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A short film of our troupe, ‘Neptune’s Ocean Trash Can’, in the 2013 Nottingham Caribbean Carnival.

A huge thank-you to everyone who joined in and supported us for the Caribbean Carnival 2013. We were delighted how it all came together, and how many different people joined us on the road as well as worked with us in the lead up to the big day. We were supported by Nottinghamshire County Council to run Carnival Club in Gedling once again, as well as partnerships with London School of Samba, Paraiso via ArtReach Night of Festivals, the MLC Academy and Nottingham Carnival itself. Our crowd funding campaign also generated support, and thank-you to those individuals who personally invested in our carnival.

The theme, Neptune’s Ocean Trash Can, brought you the story of the seas. We wanted to highlight how much waste, pollution and plastics ends up in the world’s oceans every day. With this in mind, our troupe was created out of the leftovers – old plastic bags, water bottles, bits of packaging, costumes from old projects, and much more.

The group of fantastic artists from Nottingham used these ideas and created dance, music, costume, and much more. They, quite literally, pushed the boat out with the ideas and carnival fun they brought. All of this was brought to life by the people who joined in. The many dancers, drummers, skeletons, jellyfish, pirates, king, scraggies and horses are what really brought the energy to the Carnival.