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Thinking inside The Dome

Date published: 30 May 2014

Posted by: Alison Denholm

Mik Godley projects drawing onto skin of City Arts Dome

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Between Friday 16th of Tuesday 20th of May we took the City Arts Dome over to Primary Studios for a few days of experimentation, with artists and academics exploring possible creative uses for the venue.

This gallery shows some of the things we tried out. Sean Myatt from the Theatre Design department at Nottingham Trent University had a go at casting shadows from inside and outside the Dome. In the evening, Graham Elstone used a short throw projector covered one half of the Dome with a image. Artist Mik Godley hooked his iPad up to the projector and drew with it, effectively using the Dome’s skin as a giant canvas – which looked fantastic.

Primary is an artist-led studio space based in an old primary school on Seely Road. Putting the Dome up in their playground gave us the freedom to think about and play with the space without the pressures of running an event we are normal under when it’s up.

It was incredibly useful to hear what other people thought about the Dome and ideas about how we might use it in the future, not just as a venue but as an integral piece of a performance or artwork.