As We Move From Shadows

Date published: 1 Jun 2010

Posted by: Joe Pick

Illuminated Artwork in Church

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Curated by Alma Cunliffe, As We Move From Shadows (2010) was an installation piece inspired by the Arts on prescription programme. City Arts commissioned artist Clair Rushton to create an inspired installation that responded to a summer programme of Arts on Prescription. This programme was delivered by artists; Keith Dorn, Jade Goacher, Julie Turner, Rosie Hobbs, Michael Davis and Emma Williams.

The work was initially exhibited at New Art Exchange with great success and this led the work to be exhibited once again for the British Art Show 7 – Sideshow in St Mary’s Church in Nottingham’s Lacemarket.

“Imagination and creativity clearly soothes the soul. I’m interested in the way we view the world and the differences between our perspectives. In the workshops at City Arts, I found beauty in the energy of the participants, and a push in changing the way that they do things or see the world.

People prepared to take a risk and try something new. Which I see as moving from shadows into the light. Inspired by the interests of participants in exploring what shadows can do and mean. I ask for viewers to look into shadows and light together to open up their minds to new possibilities”.

Clair Rushton