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Giant Chimes at the Olympic Park

Date published: 19 Sep 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

Child plays chime instrument.

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City Arts was delighted to be invited to the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park in London to run workshops on our unique Giant Chime instruments.  Live event organisers Continental Drifts booked the chimes for ‘By The River’, an all ages outdoor event at the park.  This gallery contains photos from the event.

In the shadow of the spectacular Lee Valley VeloPark, musicians Michael Davis, Biant Singh, Ceri Howells, Si Tew & Nell Brooker led workshops with visitors to the park, letting them loose themselves in music and forget the awful weather.

City Arts worked with artist and musician Michael Davis to create the Chimes.  The instruments are a unique sonic experience, tuned entirely to a pentatonic scale. This means that they will never be out of tune with each other – no one can hit a wrong note – which makes them ideal for festivals or public events.