Global Village: Photographs of Global Sistaz United by Sara Gaynor

Date published: 16 Jun 2020

Posted by: Joe Pick

Art photograph of woman carrying bucket

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For Refugee Week 2019, the City Arts building was full of life. We hosted activities ranging from Persian Drumming to catwalk fashion shows. We put on an exhibition called markmaking. It showcased artists and projects producing work relating to the themes of asylum and refuge. One of these projects was ‘Global Village’.

BACKLIT produced the Global Village project as part of their Familiar Machines exhibition. They worked with photographer Sara Gaynor and self-help group Global Sistaz United. The project documents the daily rituals, memories, and differences of women who make up the group.

Art photograph of a Nigerian woman holding a flask, wearing a headdress
© Sara Gaynor

Art photograph of a woman pouring water, wearing a headdress
© Sara Gaynor

Global Sistaz United supports women asylum seekers and refugees. Members of the group featured in these photos come from Malawi, Eritrea, Nigeria and Sudan.

Art photograph of woman wearing traditional dress
© Sara Gaynor
Nigerian dress
© Sara Gaynor

Global Sistaz United worked with Sara to capture their histories through portrait and still life photographic works. The stunning collection explores the changing roles, rituals and responsibilities of women around the world.

Art photo of women shelling nuts
© Sara Gaynor
Art photo of woman in traditional dress holding instrument
© Sara Gaynor

A part of the process of capturing the group, they connected with other women who live and work in St. Ann’s, Nottingham, to identify what is different and the same between them.