Jamie Beddard on directing the Opening & Closing Ceremonies of the 2015 Cerebral Palsy World Games

Date published: 13 Aug 2015

Posted by: Joe Pick

Jamie Beddard on a Mobiltiy Scooter

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Working on the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Nottingham 2015 Cerebral Palsy World Games has been a fantastic rollercoaster, and with the closing this Saturday, the ride continues. Saturday’s Opening exceeded expectation as community participants, professional artists and an incredible audience came together to create an amazing spectacle and atmosphere. The work I make and want to be part of, involves all and blurs the boundaries between professionals and non-professionals, disabled and non­-disabled, technicians and artists, audiences and performers.

As Lead Artist for Diverse City this is the ethos that underpins our work, and the integrated circus company, Extraordinary Bodies, which we co-produce with Cirque Bijou, is a manifestation of these values. We are headlining the Appetite Festival in Stoke over the August Bank Holiday; please join us!

Aerial artist in the CPISRA World Games Opening Ceremony

When all are engaged, we become greater than the sum of our parts, and make work that is far more interesting, meaningful and exciting. As Director, it is incredibly gratifying to bring together artists and communities you want to work with, and know will create beautiful spectacle, dance pieces, soundtracks, theatre and circus, and watching everything coming together. There are too many individuals to mention, but never have I been so well served. Buying a drink for everyone who has contributed would be a big ask, so I’m likely to slip away from Nottingham in the dead of night!

I have, more or less, been in residency for last fortnight, and it has been brilliant re-acquainting myself with Nottingham, and I have been very well looked after by Alison and the City Arts team. I have visited most hostelries and eateries in Hockley (all very good!), had my beard trimmed (the number of barbers in the City is staggering), summoned up vague recollections of my student days (whilst staying at Trent University) and even had a mini-break to Grantham!