‘A Journey: Loneliness, Hope & Resilience’ – Exhibition at the Institute of Mental Health

Date published: 12 May 2016

Posted by: Joe Pick

Painting: Wayfaring by Harman Dickson

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City Arts latest thought-provoking exhibition at Nottingham’s Institute of Mental Health,  ‘A Journey: Loneliness, Hope & Resilience’, runs from 23 May to 23 September 2016.

Artists taking part in the exhibition come from across the United Kingdom. They range from people with personal experience of mental health issues to artists inspired by the theme, as well as mental health professionals. Each artwork is a unique attempt to capture the often-harrowing experience of mental ill health.

Tim Challans, Chair of City Arts, explains:

“Everybody experiences mental illness differently and this is clear from the incredibly diverse work on display in our latest exhibition. Some artists focused on the pain and anguish of loneliness, exploring the role it plays in the development of mental health issues. Others take a more hopeful approach, looking at their steps toward recovery.”

City Arts is the East Midlands’ leading organisation in the field of arts and health. It has a proud history of supporting people with mental health issues to express themselves creatively. This includes pioneering programme such as Arts on Prescription, developed in partnership with the University of Nottingham.

Handcarved soap bars
Being healthy, Being clean (detail) by Sarah Davis, 2016

Works on display include: Sarah Davies’ Being Healthy, Being Clean, hand carved bars of soap that describe the journey to recovery from obsessive compulsive disorder; Chris Ellis’ Humble Beginnings which was inspired by a perfect day in Snowdonia and gives the artist hope there might be others; and Mike Hughes’ Journey to Highgate which depicts the literal journey he would make as an outpatient at a London Mental Health Unit.

A Journey: Loneliness, Hope & Resilience’ runs from 23 May to 23 September 2016. It is open for viewings on weekdays from 10am to 4pm. The Institute of Mental Health is on the University of Nottingham’s Jubilee Campus.

Main image: Wayfaring by Harman Dickson