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Mosaic artwork from City Hospital Dialysis unit

Date published: 16 May 2013

Posted by: Kate Duncan

Orange, green and white tiled mosaic

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A gallery of Mosaic artwork created on a Nottingham renal ward by patients who are participants of the Daydreaming on Dialysis project.

The Daydreaming on Dialysis project began on 15th May at City Hospital in Nottingham. It was quite a hectic environment but several people wanted to get involved and made the quite a few mosaic panels. Peter Massey from Zantium Mosaics facilitated the sessions with different patients that come and go for their treatment during the day. We will be incorporating poetry into the final work once poet and creative writer Panya Banjoko has gathered some inspirational work from patients on the wards. The work will then be made into mosaic panels and will be mounted on the walls to bring some colour to the wards.

There was quite a buzz created by our presence on the ward with both staff and patients alike, however not everyone wanted to get involved. We hope that the work will provide a distraction during dialysis and give people the opportunity to explore the arts as many of the patients have not done anything arts related before. We are hoping that this experience will also improve people’s wellbeing and lift the mood on the wards. A small scale evaluation of the work alongside the project will tell us how people respond to the new initiative and what they might like to do in the future.