Natural Dyes, Paper & Jar Lanterns, Pentagon Planters and more with the Young Producers

Date published: 11 May 2020

Posted by: Joe Pick

Lanterns made from jars and paper

Get some inspiration and motivation from our Young Producers. They’ve been sharing creative activities to do at home on their Instagram account.

Here are last week’s challenges, have a go and post the results with the hashtags #youngproducersnottingham and #isolationcreationchallenge.

Playing with Coloured Card

Creating Natural Dyes – Part 3

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Isolation creation challenge: Making natural dyes part 3! This time I have created a light pink/purple dye with avocado skins and red onion skins. To create this hue I used the skins of 4 avocados and the skins from roughly 2 bags of red onions. (I collected them over a long time!) but please note this is a completely organic process and the exact result is not guaranteed. You will need: Old white t shirt or other piece of fabric (again, it will need to be a natural fibre). Red onion skins Avocado skins Salt White wine vinegar 2 large stove pots Colander Marigold gloves String or elastic bands to tie dye (optional). Step 1: Fill a large stove put with water, heat it and being it to the boil. Step 2: Add the onion and avocado skins, with a generous amount of salt and white wine vinegar (this will help the dye stick), boil for half an hour, then turn the temperature down to low and leave to simmer for 3 hours. Step 3: When you're happy with the colour the water has turned, pour the dye through a colander into your second stove pot. This is your dye! Step 4: Tie your fabric to the pattern you want (optional). Then dampen the fabric you want to dye (dampening it will help it take to the dye), and add to the stove pot making sure it is fully submerged. Leave overnight. Step 5: When you're happy with how your fabric have taken to the dye, wearing marigolds remove your fabric from the dye pot and rinse on cold water until the water runs clear. Leave to dry in the shade. You can save your dye for a limited time in an air tight container, if you wish to dye another piece of clothing! If you try this out, please do share it with us and tag #youngproducersnottingham #isolationcreations #art #dyes #natural #natural

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Paper & Jar Lanterns

Creating Natural Dyes – Part 4

Pentagon Planter

Poetry Thursday

The group have started showcasing poetry on their Instagram every Thursday. This week’s is “A bus so blue” by Sammy Nour of Some-Antics. Enjoy!


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