Nottingham Poetry Workshop

Date published: 13 Jan 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

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“More than one anchor” is one of four programmes that were put together by City Arts for World Event Young Artists 2012. This particular strand of work was developed by internationally acclaimed artists Choman Hardi, Gaylan Nazhad and Shane Shambhu, in conjunction with community groups from across Nottingham.

This short film has been made for us by Ioney Smallhorne, Director of IS Creative Media. The film follows participant’s journeys during a writing residency at Nottingham Central Library. The group explored poetry with Choman Hardi during the week of 6th August, leading up to WEYA in September. 19 participants each produced around 6 poems a day and worked towards creating 3 group poems that formed the story for a final performance piece during WEYA on 11th September at Nottingham Contemporary. The performance also included photography with community groups by Gaylan Nazhad and was artistically directed by Shane Shambhu, who worked with performers in producing the final showcase.

City Arts would like to thank all of the artists and participants that have contributed to this programme of work, without which the work would not have been possible.

The Mouthy Poets, Deborah Stevenson, Jim Hall, Jeren Artykova, Jessica Yeung, Maresa Mackeith, Ingrid Mclaren and Ioney Smallhorne

Writing and photography workshops:

Sooree Pillay, Lan, Mina Fatemi, Emma Constable, Alex Cooke, Beverley Stirling, Ellen Storey, Phil Molloy, Richard Goodson, Ahinee Mensah, Miah Jumbo and Shakawan Hama

Juliet Line and groups The Language Café and Conversation Group who meet regularly at Nottingham Central Library.