Professional development course for artists a success

Date published: 11 Nov 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

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City Arts held its first two-day professional development course for artists in early November.

Virtually all of the City Arts team were involved, with staff sharing knowledge on social networking, grant aid and funding and how self-employed artists can successfully manage and run their businesses.

Facilitator Gillian Bates (formerly Communications Manager for City Arts), of Chronicle Arts, guided attendees through media relations, web design, e-bulletins and evaluation techniques.  Participation was key: students created videos, practicing being interview for television and film; developed grant applications; shared ideas and had the opportunity to network with other artists.

“The best thing about the day was hearing other from creative practitioners and sharing ideas – it felt very fertile”

Course Participant

At just £25 for the two days, we kept the course open to people on a low budget.   We received some very positive feedback from the day.

“There was so much fantastic information, help and advice – it would be good to have an additional day!”

Course Participant

One attendee put press release writing skills learned on the course into action straight away, and was featured in the Nottingham Evening Post:

We hope that the course, or something similar, can be repeated in 2014 – make sure you are signed up to our mailing list to receive all the latest opportunities from City Arts direct to your inbox.