Current Project


Project dates: November 2023 - October 2024

Empowering community members to support marginalised artists living in Nottingham


RESIDENCE is designed to connect artists with Nottingham’s communities. By awarding bursaries to marginalised artists, local people become ‘Community Curators’. The bursaries support artists who have faced barriers in their career because of attitudes to their class, ethnicity or disability.

Building on RESIDENCE 1, this second phase of the project offers people the power to define how culture can make a difference to their community.

Community Steering Group

The opportunities RESIDENCE offers have been designed with the support of a Community Steering Group. The group is made up of people with a from a diverse range of backgrounds and experiences. They are also part of the selection process.

Artist Bursaries

RESIDENCE awards a bursary of £1200 to three local artists. The opportunity is open to:

  • People from Black, South Asian, East Asian and Mixed Ethnic backgrounds, or backgrounds Indigenous to the Global South
  • D/deaf, disabled and neurodivergent people, including those with hidden disabilities and learning disabilities
  • People from a working class background

The team at City Arts connect them with a mentor and support them to showcase their work.

Project Team