Project dates: December 2021 - August 2023

Connecting communities and artists to explore the lives of people in Nottingham


RESIDENCE is designed to connect artists with Nottingham’s communities. Local people become ‘Community Curators’. They design projects and commission artists, working together to explore the lives of people in Nottingham. The project offers people the power to define how culture can make a difference to their community.

RESIDENCE builds on CATALYST, Saziso Phiri’s programme for City Arts, by commissioning work that is relevant to specific audiences.

Community Panels

We’ve set up three community panels, each exploring a different area of interest. Made up of local people with experience of the areas discussed. The panels focus on: 

  • St Ann’s & Sneinton
  • Black artists and artists of colour
  • Disabled Artists

Artist Commissions

Each of our Community Panels is awarding a bursary of £1200 to a local artist. The successful artists will respond to the issues highlighted in our discussions. We are also awarding a Young Producers bursary. The team at City Arts will mentor them and support them to exhibit their work.

Green Residence

Green Residence is a series of online and in-person talks. The talk focused on sustainability in, and reducing the environmental impact of, the arts.


Series two of our ‘Community Conversations’ podcast will shine a light on creative and community leaders in Nottingham.