Refrain/Remain/Retrain: City Arts’ Young Producers present a festival in solidarity with creatives

Date published: 24 Nov 2020

Posted by: Joe Pick

Young Producers - a group for 18-30 year olds

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Every year in November, City Arts’ Young Producers take over our venue in Hockley. This year the takeover is going online.

Our Young Producers group support and encourage each other to take part in the arts. City Arts supports them with resources, funding and advice.

The group explain:

We want to celebrate being creative! We want to shout out that the arts matter! We want to share the talent and dedication it takes to be creative!

Using social media and Zoom, they will host a mix of local and international artists and creatives. Find out how to join the party below…

Events Schedule:

A day in the life of a creative

Wednesday 25th November – Wednesday 2nd December

Learn about the life of a creative from five different perspectives.

Hannah Satchwell, Amelia Daiz, Gabrielle Irving, Ben Middle and Ingrid Jauffret will offer an insight into their lives as artists, makers, musicians, producers, creatives and educators.

Follow updates on the Young Producers Instagram

Market Day

Saturday 28th November
9am – 5pm

Every hour the Young Producers will be showcasing the work of a different artist or maker.

Artists include: Alastair Fleming from VagueMonkey – a self employed model maker, juggler and hobbyist, Jayne Hyman – a Prop Maker & Special Effects Makeup Artist for Film & Stage & many more.

Contacting them for details about their practice or buying work.

Browse the market on the Young Producers Instagram

Refrain/Remain/Retrain: A Showcase

Saturday 28th November
7pm – 9pm

A live showcase including music, comedy and poetry. Join us for an evening of amazing acts. Featuring some old friends and new faces!

Poet Amelia Daiz

With sets from Amelia Daiz, Mollie Boyd, Sammy Nour, Jack Britton, Elmz and more!

The event will take place on Zoom. Get your ticket.

Refrain/Remain/Retrain: Afterparty

Saturday 28th November
9.30pm – 10.30pm

A virtual after party with Techno DJ and Producer Joe Egassy. Originally from Luxembourg and now living in Cologne, he is resident DJ of Kolla Festival in Luxembourg. Joe has played in clubs including Bootshaus, Hirsch and others throughout Luxembourg and Germany.

Watch on Youtube, Facebook or Instagram.

Drawing Club

Sunday 29th November
9am – 5pm

All day on the Young Producers’ Instagram, we’ll be sharing top tips, handy hints and new ideas to keep you drawing.

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Hyperrealism with Tochukwu Darlington Obiakonwa

Sunday 29th November
7pm – 9pm

Visual artist Tochukwu Darlington Obiakonwa joins us live from Nigeria!

Hyperrealist pencil drawing

Darlington studied banking and finance at University but is very passionate about the arts and creativity. Alongside his commissions, he creates work exploring themes including mental health, sociocultural, political and religious issues, as well as nature.

He will explain how he creates his hyperrealist drawings using a mix of graphite, charcoal and coloured pencils. Followed by a Q&A.

The event will take place on Zoom. Get your ticket.

Introduction to Facilitation

Monday 30th November
7pm – 8pm

Artist Meridith Dickin will share the basics of being a facilitator. Find out how to share something you’re passionate about with other. Including tips on working with different age groups.

Watch live on the City Arts Facebook or on our Youtube Channel.

Introduction to Photography

Monday 30th November
8pm – 9pm

Have you got an SLR but are stuck using it’s auto settings? Or you would like to learn how to use your mobile phone to its full photographic potential? Then this workshop is for you. It will cover the basics of photography, including how to get started and why you don’t need expensive equipment or extensive kit to have a go.

As we are in the middle of a pandemic we will explore some fun photography ideas that you can try at home. You don’t need to leave your house to take good photographs. Now is a fantastic time to be creative by taking up a new hobby and learning how to perfect your pictures.

Watch live on the City Arts Facebook or on our Youtube Channel.