Refugee Week Exhibition at Nottingham Central Library

Date published: 10 Jun 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

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An art exhibition for Refugee Week 2013, at Nottingham Central Library, launched last Thursday.

The exhibition will run until June 20th.

Musicians play at exhibition launchIt is an exhibition by, for and about refugees comprising photographic work, completed in workshops led by Gaylan Nazhad in partnership with City Arts, and a series of hand-painted banners. The banners were produced during workshops at Nottingham Refugee Forum and were facilitated by artists Anna Wels and Jeffer Garib. This three part exhibition also features work by the internationally acclaimed Brian Sokol. All of the artwork is connected by the shared themes of migration, displacement and identity.

Cushions on display at exhibition

Nottingham City Library and Information Service are holding this exhibition for Refugee Week 2013, in partnership with City Arts, Nottingham Refugee Forum and the artists.

The exhibition also features poetry produced during workshops for World Event Young Artists, as part of City Arts’ More Than One Anchor programme.  These workshops were led by acclaimed poet Choman Hardi.  You can download a PDF of the poetry at the end of this post.

Photos from the launch event on our Facebook page

Click for a gallery of Gaylan’s photographic work that features in the exhibiton