Residence: Introducing bursary award recipients ‘Perception Together’

Date published: 21 Jun 2022

Posted by: Joe Pick


Perception Together is an interactive community art project, created by artists Callum Mulligan, Hannah Satchwell and Meridith Dickin. The artists were awarded the Young Producers bursary as part of City Arts’ RESIDENCE project. This offers them the space, time and support to bring their creative idea to life.

A ‘Sound Sketch’ of rustling leaves
A ‘Sound Sketch’ of a quad bike

Perception Together is a celebration of collaboration and connection. It is designed to encourage people to seek out, and gain new appreciation of, urban green spaces. The artists are inviting Nottingham residents to create and submit ‘sound sketches’ to the project. These submissions will be used in a multi-sensory, immersive installation at City Arts.

Join us as we traverse the line between visuals and sound, combining the two in a synaesthetic experience.

Hannah, Callum and Meridith

Get Involved

The project is a chance to practice being ‘present’ in nature. The artists are inviting you to go for a walk and create an artwork in response to one of your local green spaces.

Create and submit your work by following the instruction below:

  1. Visit an urban green space in Nottingham and get comfy
  2. Spend some time looking and listening, to be present in your surroundings
  3. Visualise what the sounds you hear would look like if you could see them
  4. Sketch the sounds you hear and ‘see’. There is no right or wrong way to do this!
  5. Scan or photograph each sound sketch and submit via the Perception Together website

The deadline for submissions is 9 July 2022. Your work will appear in an exhibition at City Arts on Sunday 10 July 2022.

Want tips or more detailed instructions? Follow the project on Instagram @youngproducers_cityarts or head over to the website.

Meet the Team

Hannah Satchwell

Hannah Satchwell

Hannah’s work values the creative process as an experience for participants. It explores the parallels between appreciating of nature and artistic self-expression. Safeguarding and accessibility are central to her practice. This project allows her to combine an interest in collaborative technology-based art and her spiritual connection to nature.

Callum Mulligan

Callum is interested in creating using technology to develop memorable exhibits & learning experiences. His work involves collaborating with artists to augment their art with technology. He designs, develops and exhibits playful digital experiences. His work bridges the gap between the digital and the physical. Previous projects range from immersive exhibitions to creative skills workshops, amongst other unique digital experiences.

Meridith Dickin

Meridith Dickin

Meridith’s work often explores the role of creativity in wellbeing. As a workshop leader she guides people towards using art as a language. Her own creations often focuses on self-expression and identity. Perception Together gives Meridith the space to explore the idea of translating experience into visual images. This idea plays an important role in arts and health, a field she has worked in for many years.