Resilience, Creativity and Innovation through the Pandemic – City Arts AGM 2021

Date published: 16 Dec 2021

Posted by: Joe Pick

CITY ARTS ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING DECEMBER 2021 RESILIENCE CREATIVITY & INNOVATION THROUGH THE PANDEMIC Hear from our Chair, Michaela Butter, and learn more about some of our most inspiring projects.

Watch City Arts’ first public Annual General Meeting. The live broadcast was a chance to find out how we responded to the pandemic with creativity and innovation.

In this video you’ll hear from our Chair, Michaela Butter MBE, and our Director, Suzannah Bedford. We also share some of our most inspiring projects since the pandemic began. They include:

  • A stunning dance project with isolated older people, conducted entirely over the internet
  • Pioneering puppet shows toured to the doorsteps of young families in St Anns
  • An ambitious filmmaking project with our Young Producers group, capturing the creativity of Nottingham