The JINGAH Project: Popping up at Pride and performing in Sneinton

Date published: 16 Sep 2021

Posted by: Alison Denholm

Giant blue bird puppet out side Wetherspoons at Nottingham Pride. The images also shows a crowd carrying a pride flag.

The JINGAH Project is a modern musical by Duncan Townsend and Chloé Charody. It is a spectacular collaboration between musicians, circus performers, puppeteers and theatre designers. City Arts have been supporting the artists to bring the show to the people and communities of Nottingham.

Patrick Poppywopple joins Pride

Giant blue bird puppet near a protest plaquard at Nottingham Pride

It all kicked off on Saturday 11 September. We were delighted to introduce the Patrick Poppywopple, one of the production’s central characters, to Nottingham. Invited by our friends Can Samba, Patrick joined the city’s Pride march – the first since the pandemic began. We were bowled over by the size, joy and energy of the parade. Congratulations to the organisers for bringing colour back to the streets.

Giant blue bird puppet with carnival performers in the Nottingham pride march

The JINGAH Project commissioned Mandinga Arts to create Patrick. Charles Beauchamp, Mandinga’s Artistic Director, worked through lockdown to bring the character to life. It’s amazing what he has been able to create based on illustrator Maxim Krioukov’s original drawings. Long time City Arts collaborator Izzy Hollis has taken on the job of operating Patrick. This was Izzy’s first event with the puppet, a real test of stamina and strength. She did a fantastic job.

Song & Dance on Sneinton Market

Giant blue bird puppet appears to bite audience members at an outdoor theatre performance

Two family shows on Sneinton Market were the first chance for an audience to preview the JINGAH production. A team of actors, Duncan, Grace and Phil, have been rehearsing in the Inspire Urself studio space at City Arts. Izzy & Patrick Poppywopple also joined.

It was a brilliant performance, we loved it!

Family Audience Feedback
Performer in The JINGAH project wearing red dungarees

Working with Chloe, the team created a ‘Pantomime’ version of JINGAH. This was a much-shortened show, with the four actors covering all the characters. We asked the family audience for or their feedback on the performance. This is such on important part of developing a new show.

We really loved the show. All three of us were really moved by the story. The songs were awesome!

Family Audience Feedback
A group photo featuing JINGAH cast member, a giant blue bird puppets and members of the show's audience
The cast with their young audience

An Environmental Message

Although just a teaser for the final production, the shortened version of the show for Sneinton Market still managed to convey JINGAH’s central message. The production explores the environmental challenges we all face. It asks how our behaviour affects other people around the world, even those we’ve never met. However, Jingah is a tale of hope. It reveals how together we can ‘change today to save tomorrow’.

Let’s make a JINGAH pledge! What small thing can you do to help our environment?

I have just finished a bottle of washing up liquid. I am going to wash it out and get it refilled rather than throw it away. Every little helps. What can you do?