Three videos that give an insight into life with dementia

Date published: 11 Dec 2014

Posted by: Joe Pick

Woman helps dementia paitent

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Since October, as part of the Imagine Programme, we’ve run three training sessions looking to increase artist’s and carehome staff’s understanding of demetia. Developed with specialists from The Abbeyfield Society and Nottingham City Council, as well as therapist and Theatre Practitioner Jen Sumner, the training involves an immersive theatre performance which gives learners an awareness of the confusion, fear and frustration dementia can cause. It has been very well received.

We showed the following three films during the training days. They give an insight in life with dementia and how we should treat those who have it.


This short film shows us a wife’s simple instruction from the perspective of her husband, an Alzheimer patient – evoking some of the confusion and fear he must feel.

Gladys Wilson and Naomi Feil

This beautiful video looks at Naomi Feil’s ‘Validation Therapy’, a way to communicate with older people who have lost the ability to speak, and to connect with them on an even deeper level using music from their past.

A touching story of an old father, son and a sparrow

In this sweet short film from Greece a man loses patience with his elderly father, who reminds his son of the love and patience he showed when the boy was growing up.

We hope to run more training in the future. To find out more about and keep up to date with Imagine visit the programme’s Facebook page.