Thursday Art Group

Date published: 23 Jan 2013

Posted by: Joe Pick

Face carved out of stone

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This is a self-determined constituted group that engages in creative arts activities each Thursday at City Arts. We visit galleries, exhibitions and artists’ studios in order to engage with contemporary art at every level. We offer a place of mutual support for other members of the community who are isolated by the nature of illness, old age, financial insecurity, disability or any other issue relating to the challenges that some individuals may face. It is hoped that the activities offered help to enrich the lives of the individuals within the group.

The arts workshops are delivered by an experienced artist/educator and the group regularly seeks opportunities to visit local and national arts events and exhibitions. We hope that the project will encourage members to view contemporary art as an accessible and enriching part of our culture and develop the confidence to engage with it, in a creative and expressive manner. By visiting exhibitions the members will have the opportunity to gain knowledge of historic and contemporary art, which can enrich their own work and help develop an interesting visual language.

New members

The group is open to the community and anyone is welcome to come along and join our weekly arts sessions. Arts Workshops take place at City Arts every Thursday from 1 – 4pm.

For further information and to check availability of places, please contact City Arts on 0115 950 5251