Watercolour Resist, Rorschach Ink Blots, Tie-dying with Bleach and more with the Young Producers

Date published: 31 Mar 2020

Posted by: Joe Pick

Watercolour resist painting of a leaf

Last week was week 2 of our Young Producers #IsolationCreations project. Every day, they’ve been sharing creative activities to do at home on their Instagram account.

They want to provide you with inspiration and motivation; help you look at your surroundings in a new light; and share new skills and techniques.

Here are last week’s challenges, have a go and post the results with the hashtags #youngproducersnottingham and #isolationcreationchallenge.

Watercolour Resist Painting

Rainbow Windows

Rorschach Ink Blots

Writing Haiku

Dying with Bleach

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Day 10: dying with bleach! I was initially going to do a post about dying with fabric dye, but I thought everybody will most likely have bleach already in the house. Here I have created a lace effect on a dark t-shirt. You will need: Bleach Marigolds gloves to protect your hands. Spray bottle (can be an old kitchen cleaner bottle). Old t-shirt (preferably dark, as bleach will show up best. And preferably a natural fibre, like cotton. You can see the fabric composition on the label.) A scrap piece of lace fabric (can be an old table cloth, or doily!) Or, you can make your own stencil! Step 1: Lay your t-shirt down flat, and place a piece of cardboard in between the front and back (this will help prevent the design bleeding onto the back.) you can tape it down if needed. Step 2: Get your lace or stencil and place it on the t shirt where you wish your design to be. You can tape it down, but remember where the tape is placed will prevent bleach from reaching it. Step 3: Wearing marigolds, pour a small amount of bleach into your spray bottle. I initially watered this down, but then I found the result to be very weak. Step 4: With caution spray the bleach over your t-shirt, trying to do so evenly and holding the bottle at least 20cm away from you t-shirt. Step 5: wait for it to dry, and see your result! I would recommend washing it on its own before wearing it, to prevent any bleach transfers to any of your other clothes. Enjoy! Do post your version, and tag: #youngproducersnottingham #isolationcreations #art #nottingham #nottinghamart

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Tie-dye Bleach

Surrealist Characters and Landscapes


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