Wooden bead necklaces, origami flowers, plant printing, poetry and more with the Young Producers

Date published: 20 Apr 2020

Posted by: Joe Pick

Origami Flower

Our Young Producers have been sharing creative activities to do at home on their Instagram account.

They want to provide you with inspiration and motivation; help you look at your surroundings in a new light; and share new skills and techniques.

Here are last week’s challenges, have a go and post the results with the hashtags #youngproducersnottingham and #isolationcreationchallenge.

Wooden bead necklace

Dying with bleach

Kusudama origami flower

Plant Printing

House plants in cans

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Sunday isolation creation: 'junk' planters! House plants in cans You will need: cans with nice artwork, a can opener that cuts down and a drill/awl. 1. Make holes in the bottom for drainage 2. Use the can opener to remove top. Make sure it is the type that cuts down rather than across to avoid sharp edges! 3. Plant some plants! I fill mine halfway with drainage rocks and use cuttings from exsisting house plants. Simplified vertical garden with hammocks for pots Safety first: some pallettes and fabrics are chemically treated, be mindful of this while working with them and when considering what to plant in them. Some pallettes have a heat treated stamp on them and are therefore safer. Wear a mask if you are sanding a pallette. You will need: a pallette, strong material, staple gun, fabric scissors, tape measure 1. Measure the width and length of your material taking in to account extra slack for your hammock and add 5cm extra for stapling room. 2. Cut your fabric pieces and lay them in position 3. Staple the front of the hammock to the inside first so you access it from the back still. Then staple the back of the hammock to the back of the pallette 4. Trim the edges to make it neater, put some pots of plants in and ta-dar! I have also included a picture of my paper tubes I made from newspaper (using a specific tool) for sowing seeds. You can also use toilet rolls tubes (someone must have loads of them kicking about!) and then just pop them straight into the ground when the seedlings are ready! Happy planting 🤗🌱 #making #artsandcrafts #nottingham #creative #youngproducers #plants #recycledart #isolationcreationchallenge

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Poetry Thursday

The group have started showcasing poetry on their Instagram every Thursday. Here’s the first: HQ by group member Amelia Daiz. Enjoy!


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