Young artists create ‘Day of the Dead’ inspired puppet

Date published: 14 Nov 2016

Posted by: Joe Pick

Young people and giant 'Day of the Dead' puppet

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Meet the magnificent ‘Suzy Bones’ – the latest addition to City Arts’ ever growing collection of puppets.

Giant 'Day of the Dead' puppet

She was built by the young participants of our Express Yourself programme. Over 6 weeks, a group of seven participants worked with freelance artist Vic Potterton to design and construct the giant puppet. They drew inspiration from the Catrina’s seen at Mexico’s ‘Day of the Dead’ festival.  Express Yourself helps young people to learn new creative skills and grow in confidence.  Each Express Yourself participant works towards a Bronze Arts Award.

“A great experience for my son”
Participant’s mother

Young people and giant 'Day of the Dead' puppet

Sunday 29th October, the group took her for a walk around Nottingham’s Creative Quarter; amazing onlookers and posing with passers-by. Expect to see more of Suzy in the future as she joins our roster of puppets going out and about in (and around) Nottingham.

“I enjoyed building and wearing the puppet. The long struggle of building it payed off when I finally got to wear it in public”
Express Yourself participant

Young people and giant 'Day of the Dead' puppet

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