Be inspired, be creative, build confidence

City Arts has built Express Yourself on years of experience working with young people. The programme has been developed with the involvement of young people with the aim of supporting them to gaining skills and qualifications by raising self-esteem in a safe creative environment.

“Express Yourself” is the perfect name! That’s exactly what I did.

Project Participant

I hope that all of the new people joining Express Yourself will benefit and have as much fun as I did.

Project Participant

Join this exciting project to learn about different art form and explore issues around health and well-being.  You will be inspired, build your confidence and leave us with increased opportunity for creative work.



Frequently Asked Questions

What is Express Yourself about?

Express Yourself is an art based programme run by City Arts. It is an opportunity to learn about different art forms and explore issues around health and wellbeing in a safe creative environment.

We hope that the project inspires you, helps you build confidence and raise self-esteem, supports you to gain new skills and get a qualification (Arts Award). The sessions are free for young people to attend.

 Who’s it aimed towards?

The programme is open to young people 13-17 years old. Workshops take place in Gedling and Nottingham City Centre.

This project has been set up to support young people who:

  • may need extra support with health and wellbeing needs
  • are finding it challenging to attend school
  • want to seek new opportunities and make a positive change to their lives

What kind of club/youth group is it?

The programme is not a club or youth group. It is an art based project run by City Arts with the help of professional artists.

Who can be referred to Exp Yrs? Is everyone referred to Exp Yrs?

Young people can attend through a referral made from their key worker (social worker, teacher, youth worker or any other agencies working with young people) or by a self-referral but you will need to have permission from your parents/carers to attend.

Will it help with self-confidence?

We hope that the project does help raise your confidence

Why should I go?

We hope that attending the project will help you in some way. This is however an informal activity so it is up to you if you want to attend

What if I’m no good at art activities?

The project is to introduce you to new art forms so we don’t expect you to be a ‘great artist’! This is an opportunity to learn something new.

Do we have to talk about why we’re going? E.g. if referred

No you don’t. This group is not a therapy group but if you feel you need to talk to someone the City Arts staff are there to listen and give you support if needed.

If you don’t need the ‘extra support’ can you still go?

We like to prioritise young people who may need that extra support but welcome anyone else who feels they think they would benefit from the sessions.

Do you have to be serious or is it just a laugh?

We hope that you enjoy the project and have some fun during the sessions but we hope that you also learn some great new skills while attending.

How many other young people will be there?

The group is small, we allow up to 12 spaces but the number ranges between 8 – 9 young people.

Will I know anyone?

You may know someone or you may have the opportunity to make new friends.

What kind of activities do you do?

We have a different range of art activities. Please see future and past activities.

How long is the project?

The sessions run as blocks of activity as followed:

10 week art activity

1 cultural visit

1 celebration event

1 evaluation and arts awards day

Will it always be held in the same place/day?

It depends on the availability of the professional artist and venue. We will have all the information before you join the project. There may be days we need to change venue or date but we will let you know in advance.

Is it different every day?

This depends on the activity you are doing but every day may be different depending what art form you will be working on.

Do you have to attend every project?

No. The sessions are aimed at new young people but if we have enough spaces and you would like to continue we will allocate the space to those young people who wish to continue to attend.


Now taking applications for September

You can make a referral to Express Yourself by downloading and posting the printable leaflet and referral form below.


Contact Alma Solarte-Tobón for further information.

P: 0115 950 5251

City Arts delivers Express Yourself in partnership with the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS), Nottinghamshire County Council and Gedling Borough Council.

Express Yourself is funded by Children in Need and Boots Charitable Trust